Name Rank Honours/Awards Time Editorial
Dunlap, Clarence R. AM CBE, CD, DCL 1:21 Pilot trg. 1928; civilian air operations, mapping & charting: the Vedette a/c; Fairchild a/c; armament trg pre WW II; Atlas, Wapiti, a/c; Director of Armament (1940); BCATP CO Mountainview; UK Leeming; #331 (W) deployment of Wellingtons to North Africa (Tunisia 1943); selection & construction of air field sites.  Bombing raids on Italy & Sicily; repatriation to UK.
Dunlap, Clarence R. AM CBE, CD, DCL 1:24 U. K. #2ATAF, #139 (W); D-DAY; tactical bombing on continent; Bikini atom bomb tests (1946); US National War College (1948); NW Air Command (1946); Air Member for Plans (1948); organization of ADC (1951); Commandant NDC (1951); last serving CAS (1962-64); Cuban Crisis; Integration; service with NORAD (1964-67).
Hull, A. Chester LGen CMM, DFC, CD 1:57 Early flying career of father A. H. Hull; RNAS, RFC; Vancouvers, Fairchilds, Vedettes; Fleixstowe as test pilot; CO #6SFTS Dunncille; AC Hill early trg Reserves; RMC; pilot Tiger Moth, Harvard, Fairey Battle; BCATP; O/C Visiting Flight; UK (1943) Whitleys, (OTU); Halifaxes, (420sqd); Lancs; org. structure of #6 BG; bombing raid described; ops with #6 BG; Rhur; D-DAY & support to advancing force; raids on V1 & V2 sites; working reln among crew; CO 428 Sqn; #6 GRP HQ CO RCAF Station Leeming.
Hull, A. Chester LGen CMM, DFC, CD 0:47 Tiger Force; demobilization; CO Clinton; planning for post-war Air Force; checkout Vampire, Sabre; #3 (F) Wing Zwiebrucken as CO (1953); operational role of Wing; early living conditions; working reln with local populace; trg exercises with USAF; air to air firing Rabat; VIP visitors at #3 (F) Wing; Sabre aerobatic team; hockey in Europe; #3 (F) Wing team established; visit of Belleville McFarlands; "a great time to be in the RCAF, in Europe and flying the Sabre".
Leigh, Z.L. "Lewie" G/C OBE, CM, ED 2:01 Early flying as barnstormer and bush pilot in West and Maritimes.  Blind pilotage course at Borden 1931.  Instrument trg at Boeing, established radio range for Trans Canada Airlines.  Ops on both coasts in Stranraers, Hudsons, Bolingbrokes.  Air Transport Command start up in 1943; overseas mail to troops with 168 Sqn. Evacuation of wounded from Normandy following D-Day. Post war including: Waco glider trials, Cdn tour by Field Marshall Montgomery; CO RCAF Station Goose Bay.  NDHQ as director Air Ops; Korean airlift. Acquisition Comet a/c.
Hawtrey, Courtney R. G/C CD 1:22 PPO Camp Borden for training (1927); AVRO 504 rotary and stationery engines; dual and solo; Gosport tube; castor oil lubrication; parachute trials; wings parade (1929); formation flying in Siskin a/c; Trans Canada Air Pageant (1931); show in Cleveland; support team, Trimotor Ford and Fairchild; photo surveys, Ballancas, Fairchilds; UK for aeronautical trg; Atlases and Wapitis; BCATP, #10 Repair Unit, Calgary; UK CO Topcliffe; SSO Tech Trenton; Dir a/c Maint RCAF; the great beer purchase; the great turkey purchase.
Watson, Thomas W. S/L DFC 2:32 Joined RCAF Oct 1941. BCATP grad, UK for trg, Hurricanes.  Assigned #232 RAF Sqn. Volunteer for Far East, carrier launch from HMS Indomitable to Jakarta. Ops, flew last a/c from Singapore, before fall.  Shot down, evaded, badly injured, evacuated to Australia. Joined RAAF, flew on ops until recalled to Canada. Trained on Liberators, returned to India with #159 RAF (Pathfinder) Sqn.  Bombing and minelaying ops. Reference to numerous friends in RAAF who served in RAAF who served with distinction.
Lane, Reginald J. LGen DSO, DFC, CD 1:31 BCTAP trg Brandon, Man. (1941); UK, Whitley (OTU); Halifaxes raid on Tirpitz, delivery of first Canadian built Lanc to UK; early bomber history, comparison Lanc/Halifax; method of crew selection; navigational aids; pathfinder techniques; raid on Hamburg; 1000 plane raids; Rhur Valley; Dambusters; Peenemunde V1 sites; use of Window; carpet bombing in support of Allies advance; so #6 BG; Germany at end of war; sketches A/C Bennett, J. Facquier, Sheshire, H. McHaddie.
Birchall, Leonard J. AC OBE, DFC, CD 1:34 Student RMC; early pilot trg Trenton (1936); Fleet Fawns, seaplane hangar; Fairchilds, Wapitis, Atlases; coastal patrols East coast using Stranraer; Catalina described; ferrying to UK; operations in Northern waters; deployment to Ceylon, trip and initial op; contact and capture by Japanese (Apr 42); life as POW (1942-45); War Crimes Trials; damage by atom bomb; CO Goose Bay, North Bay; Commandant RMC; awarded 4th rosette to CD May 1989.
Lawrence, Thomas A. AVM   1:24 Overseas in infantry (1917); volunteers and selected for pilot trg; AVRO 505, Sopwith Pup, SE-5A; 85 hrs trg; near fatal accident; repatriated (1919), demobbed; reenrolled as fitter ($5.00) per day.  Became qualified pilot (HS2L). RCAF 01 Apr 1924.  Led survey ice conditions Hudson Strait, 14 mths in 1928, Fokker Universal a/c.  Expedition described in detail. OC Army Co-op School Trenton (1936); tornado at Trenton; Atlas, purchase of Wapitis; BCATP CO RCAF Stn Trenton (1940-42), CFS, KTS. #2 Training Command, Winnipeg, Man.
Johnson, Johnnie E. AVM CB, CBE, DSO, DFC, DL 1:18 Early trg on Fleets, Miles Master, Spitfire (12 hrs). Flying as #4 with Bader, Stan Turner.  Finger four versus the Vic formation. Operations at Tangmere, Circuses, Rhubarbs. Dieppe Raid air cover for withdrawal.  Pilots down in Channel. Thoughts on taking over Cdn Wing. Spit 9, comparison with ME 109, FW 190. Cdn personnel: McLeod, Keefer, Conrad, Beurling. 127 (W) first into Normandy; life on the continent; Falaise; ME 262; Postwar, Korea (F-86); AOC Middle East; Kenley Lodge
Houle, Albert U. G/C DFC & Bar, CD 1:44 BCATP # 15 EFTS Regina, SFTS, Moose Jaw.  To UK on HMS California; #55 OTU, Hurricane 1 & 11s.  HMS Ark Royal carrier lanuch 24 a/c to Malta.  #213 Sqn. RAF; air war in the desert; opposing forces, living in the field; #415 Sqn (Spit 5); #417 Sqn, W/C Stan Turner. Move to Malta, Sicily, the east coast of Italy.  Led Sqn, wounded, returned UK (DFC*), then Canada. Post war: MSc, jets, CEPE, Norad Sector Commander, Pinetree Line, CTSO Trenton, CO Uplands.
Floody, Wallace C. P/O   0:42 BCTAP Dunnville Ont, 401 Sqdn UK. Shot down Nov. 41.  POW in Stalag Luft 3, Sagan, East Germany. Interview deals with the planning and execution of escape of 76 officers from the camp on 24 mar 1944.  Floody was in charge of the construction of 3 tunnels, one of which "Harry", was used in the actual break out. Assisted by fellow POW, Henry Sprague, the construction and concealment of the tunnel is described in detail.  Event covered in movie "The Great Escape", on which Floody was a technical consultant.  Drawings depicting event are shown.
McBurney, Ralph E. AVM CBE, CD 1:59 PPO 1924, trg described; personalities associated with trg at Camp Borden (Breadner, Cuff, Shearer, McEwen).  AVRO 504, 2nd & 3rd year trg; wings test, eqpt used, Gosport tube; social life at Borden; Mess dinners and grad parade; landing on water Jericho Beach (HS2L); Winnipeg Air Station, satellite stns for fire patrols; Vedette a/c described in detail; crew compliment and working reln.  Expedition to strip map future aerial pathways, actual footage shown, Bellanca Pacemaker.
McBurney, Ralph E. AVM CBE, CD 1:56 Experiences as Station Commander at Trenton Jan-Dec 1944; organization of the Station to carry out assigned role and a number of colorful personalities from that period. Setting up of the Sailing Club; the role of the CONTACT; entertainment provided by popular bands and singers of the day.  Second part deals with experiences as Stn Cmdr and Staff Officer in #6 BG in 1944. Operations conducted in support of bombing and mine-laying are discussed in addition to the role played by the Canadian built Lancaster X bomber.
Norris, Robert W. W/C DFC, CD 2:27 Pilot trg in 1939 precedes BCATP. #1 wartime class, wings at Trenton.  Flew Lysanders with #112 (City of Winnipeg Sqn) then posted to UK for Army Co-op duties.  Volunteer #1 RCAF Fighter Sqn; 9 day conversion on Hurricanes; Sqn in Battle of Britain until moving north to Scotland in Oct 40.  Flew in Army Co-op with #110 Sqn in UK; returned to Canada CO #125 Sqn Torbay, Nfld.  Posted UK, trained on bombers, served as last wartime CO #424 Sqn. Extensive postwar flying, Korean airlift, Canadian North.

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