Edwards, James F. W/C DFC, DFM, CD 1:50 The Allies push from El Alamein to Tunisia. Disruption of Axis attempt to resupply forces. Maintenance in desert and the important role of ground crews. Flying the Spitfire with #417 RCAF Sqn; CO #274 RCAF Sqn in Italy. Repatriation to UK; participation in landings in Normandy; conversion to the Tempest a/c to counteract V1, and offer close ground support to the Army.  Repatriation to Canada and return to UK/Europe as W/C (Flying) with #127 Wing. Post war including: leapfrog 2; conditions at Grostenquin; service with NORAD (SAGE).
RCAF POW Assoc     1:45 Interview with a dozen of the 775 registrants at the 1989 RCAF POW REUNION. Interviews varying from 4 to 15 minutes in length were obtained with RCAF, RAAF, RAF, as well as US personnel serving as Canadian aircrew. The common bond between the group resides in the fact that all were shot down on ops and became POWs or evaders. A number were prisoners at Stalag Luft 3, and able to provide insights into POW lifestyles, as well as the famous escape from that institution. The Remembrancer Service at the National War Memorial is presented.
Warren, Violet Milstead 1st O   1:03 Early involvement with flying (1939) including acquisition of private, commercial and instructor license. Qualified for latter at RCAF Station Trenton. Employed as instructor until volunteering and being accepted with the Air Transport Auxiliary in Apr 43. Organizational structure and training in the ATA is presented. Importance of ATA Handling and Ferry Pilot Notes to permit delivery of numerous and varied a/c such as: Hurricanes, Spitfires, Beaufighters, Mosquitos, etc., from factories and Repair Depots to operational bases throughout the UK. Post war flying in Northern Ontario.
Bannock, Russell W/C DSO, DFC 1:11 Enrolled 9 Sep 39; graduated first wartime pilots course at Camp Borden. Trained on Lysanders; assigned CFS Trenton as instructor and Visiting Flight. CFI #3 FIS Arnprior. UK in Feb 44 to Mosquito OTU. Mosquito a/c discussed in detail. To #418 Sqn in time for D-Day. Participation in Intruder role through Flower ops, Night and Day Rangers. Successes gained in countering V1 threat (19 personally destroyed). Observed initial launch of V2s. Commanded #418 then assigned to #406 to train and lead in ops. Post war career with DeHavilland.
Pitcher, Paul B. W/C MID 0:45 Prewar with #115 Aux. Sqn; #1 Fighter Sqn to U. K. May 40 in time for training and Battle of Britain. Flew Hurricanes. Operational station described: assessment of German ME 109/ Dean Nesbitt, Gordon McGregor, Dal Russel, Ernie McNab in #1 Sqn. Conduct of battle and changes in strategy. Comparison Spitfire vs. Hurricane. Rhubarbs over continent. #417 Sqn to Middle East. ASO 2 at Western Air Command; "X-Wing" to Aleutians, with Kittyhawks, flying conditions. Return to UK 1944 as staff officer with #2 TAF. Demobbed Jan/Feb 45.
Watts, Jack V. BGen DSO, DFC & Bar 1:52 Trained as Obs in BCATP; Abington OTU for Ansons, Whitley. Assigned #10 RAF; op in Whitley to Ostend. Ditching; rescue by Royal Navy; member of Goldfish Club. Halifax replaces Whitley; comparison and effect on operations. Targets in France and Germany including Kiel, St. Nazaire, Brest. Briefing for raid on Tirpitz in Norwegian fjord; conduct of two raids on successive nights. Opposition encountered; enemy use of smoke generators and fighters. Debriefing; DFC awarded; invitation to attend investiture received while serving in North Africa.
Watts, Jack V. BGen DSO, DFC & Bar 2:01 Mods to Hfx a/c. #10 Sqn to North Africa. Ops in desert. Raid on Tobruk; bailout into Med, evasion and successful return to unit; member caterpillar and Late Arrivals Clubs. To Canada for leave and Victory Bond Drives. Return to UK and ops as nav with #109 Sqn. Mosquito a/c and use of Oboe. Problems encountered with Mosquito. Pathfinder role described. Raid on Essen; FIDO. #105 Sqn as Sqn Nav Officer. Tour expired after 104 missions. Investitures: DFC* at Buckingham Palace; DSO at Queens Park, Toronto.
Alexander, Lincoln A. Col CD 0:23 Former Lieutenant Governor of the Province of Ontario recalls his experiences as a member of the RCAF during the war. Trained as a Radio Operator under the RCAF during the war.  Trained as a Radio Operator under the BCATP, he served at a number of stations in Western Canada including #7 AOS at Prince Albert, Sask. and Vancouver. Aircrew experience primarily on Ansons. Postwar experiences as a veteran attending McMaster University. Attending Cadet Camp as Reviewing Officer and importance of training obtained through the military.
Carr, William, K. LGen CMM, DFC, CD 1:37 Training under BCATP; ops with #636 Sqn. (photo recce) in Malta, Sicily and Italy. Flying in Canadian North at end of war. Postwar career in Air Transport including: #412 Sqn as CO; Commander Cdn Detachment to Congo to establish internal air supply system; tour with NORAD; integration and experiences as first Commander of Air Command; initial working relations with other Commands. Role of Command in OP MORNING LIGHT. Involvement with Boy Scouts of Canada; hosting of World Jamboree.
Garland, David F. MGen OMM, CD 1:15 Pilot training; instructor; CF-100; pilot on Yukon a/c; acquisition of Boeing 707. Development of in-flight refueling procedures. CO 437 Sqn, VIP flights. BCOMD CFB Edmonton; involvement with OP MORNING LIGHT, recovery of Russian surveillance satellite in NWT Jan 78. Initial organization of force involved; problems encountered during early search period. The construction of Camp Garland and the integrated nature of personnel. Potential danger of radioactive materials; precautions. NATO; COMD ATG; DCOMD AIRCOM; NDHQ REVIEW SERVICES.
Keane, Hank R. W/C DFC, DFM 1:23 Trained as AG in BCATP. OTU for training on Whitley. Posted to #97 RAF Sqn. Flew prototype Lanc at Boscombe Down. Ops to Berlin, Essen, Hamburg. Participated in raid on Augsburg, deep penetration involving 8 1/2 hours airborne. Completed tour, 37 trips with #97 Sqn. Instructor, joined #619 Sqn. at Woodhill Spa. Fighter affiliation exercises with George Buerling. Return to Canada for Victory Bond drive. Postwar as ADC to Governor General Sir Harold Alexander of Tunis; equerry to Queen Elizabeth during 1964 visit to Canada.
Swetman, W.H. G/C DSO, DFC 1:57 BCATP as pilot, #1ITS, Crumlin, Dunnville. Convoy experience enroute to UK. Wellington 1C at OTU. Converted to Hfx, extensive ops including first 1000 plane raid on Cologne. Staff Officer at #6 GP HQ. Converted to Lanc 11s returned to ops with #426 Sqn., first as Flt Comd, then as CO at age 23. Improvements in nav eqpt, radios, turrets. Battle of Berlin, high loss rates, morale, unserviceability, turnbacks. Leadership from G/C John Faucquier and AVM "Black Mike" McEwen. DFC awarded at Buckingham Palace by George VI.
Kennedy, I.F. "Hap" S/L DFC & Bar 1:50 BCATP grad; flew Whirlwinds with #263 RAF Sqn; engaged in rhubarbs across channel 1942. Converted to spits #412 Sqn. Volunteer for Middle East and posted to Malta in Dec. 42. Ops in Malta for 7 months, with #249 Sqn considerable success in combat. Moved to #111 Sqn on ops in Sicily and Italy. Role primarily in close ground support of army as it moved up the Italian peninsula. Posted to #93 Sqn as Flt Comd. Good description of air war from a fighter pilot's perspective. Comparisons of Spits, ME 109s and FW 190s.
Kennedy, I.F. "Hap" S/L DFC & Bar 1:37 Continuation of ops Italy. Return to UK Dec 43 after two tours in Med. Discussion of book "Black Crosses on My Wing-tips". Instructor at Gunnery School during buildup for D-Day. Joined #401 (RCAF) Sqn., operated from Beny-Sur-Mer in Normandy 18 Jun 1944. Conduct of ops described as well as composition of pilots, many with considerable success in other theatres. Air war in support of breakout from Normandy described; high loss rate.  Appointed CO, shot down 26 Jul 44, evaded, carnage at Falaise described; return to UK; repat Oct. 1944.
Finley, H. S/L DFC 1:50 Joined Aug 40 from McGill Univ.; BCATP; CFS for instructor trg. UK, #416 Sqn, ditched in Channel on return from 1st op. Involved in dive bombing operations against buzz bomb sites. D-Day participant, extensive patrols over battle zone from Bazenville, France, before completion of first tour. Involved in intensive trials of MK XXI Spit at FDU, Bascombe Down. Amassed 582 hours on various MKs of Spits. Second tour on ops with #403 Sqn at Petit-Brogel, Belgium. Transferred as FL COMD then CO of #443 Sqn; shot down May 2, 1945; evaded; RTU.

Copies of the interviews in VHS format may be obtained through The Gift Shop at the Museum. 1-613- 965-2140 .
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