Warren, Douglas    "Duke" W/C DFC, CD 1:28 BCATP grad with identical twin, #5 EFTS High River, #34 SFTS Medicine Hat.  #165 Sqn RAF, first op fighter cover at Dieppe Aug 42. Completed 2ns tour #66 Sqn RAF (Spitfires).  Various postwar courses (Meteors, Vampires). CO #410 (F86) Sqn #1 (F) Wing North Luffenham; Sabre transported on HMCS Magnificent.  Flying operations in UK and on the continent are described.  Sonic boom at The Hague; #410 Sqn aerobatic team formed; led Sqn flypast at Dieppe in Aug 1952. End Part 1.
Warren, Douglas    "Duke" W/C DFC, CD 1:20 Tour in Korea with USAF. Cdn personnel in Korea. Chatham as CFI #1 (F) OTU. Transferred to #10 Waffenshule (FRG) as CFI F86 Sabres. Met pilots previously encountered as enemies.  Involved in unsuccessful trial safe landing barrier for F86.  Served as Ops O at Air Weapons School Sardinia, 1960.  Editor of Flight Comment, then Chief of Accident Prevention, NDHQ.  CO RCAF Stn Baldy Hughes, Fighter Operations in NORAD HQ at Colorado Springs.  Retired as BOpsO Comox in 1973.
Schultz, Rayne D. G/C DFC, CD 1:45 BCTAP grad, EFTS Sea Island BC, SFTS McLeaod, Alta.  Trained multi-engines on Ansons. UK attended FLtEng course, flew Air Speed Oxfords.  OTU for Blenheims, Beauforts and Beaufighters.  Assigned to Nightfighters (410 Sqn); comparison Mosquito vs. Beaufighter.  Triple victory on 10/11 Dec 43. Personnel on 410 Sqn: Harrington, Davoud, Dinsdale. Operations on the continent following D-Day. Postwar Gunnery Instructor Course, "R" day; Test and Ferry Flight, delivery of surplus a/c.
Schultz, Rayne D. G/C DFC, CD 1:25 Test and Ferry Flight, qualified on 32 different a/c. 410 converts to Vampires. Operation Sweetbrier, Cdn role in ex.  Vampire aerobatic team. Glew CF100 at CNE, comparison with Vampire.  #3 (AW) OTU, North Bay; mods to a/c including; radar rockets, JATO, etc., Air Div, Nimblebats, ops in Europe.  The Avro Arrow: CO designate for first sqn. a/c discussed. CO 413 & 432 Sqns Bagotville.  Introduction of CF 101, trg for plts; ops in Europe. Chief of Accident Prevention, Director Flight Safety; work on Crash Position Indicator.
Kerr, John G. AVM CBE, AFC 0:30 PPO trg at Borden 1928. Use of Fairchild for forest fire patrols and topographical surveys. The Siskin a/c comparison with Atlas. The role of Army Cooperation Sqn. Importance of Flying Club Associations to provide initial recruitment of pilots.  BCATP introduced, Canadian control, setting up bases across Canada. Description of various a/c used: Bolingbroke, Harvards, Ansons, Lysanders. B&G School Fingal, Ont. IK as CO Topcliffe.  Postwar tour with NATO at Ramstein.
Magnusson, Norman L. MGen DFC, CD   BCATP trained as Nav. B&G Schools in Canada and UK. OTU on Hampdens. Ops with 428 Sqn Wellinton 111s. Completed tour, raids on Ruhr. Cdns in Middleton St. George; role of Nav while on ops. Opposing force; weather; crash at Manston. Conversion to Hafxs at croft. Nav aids: Gee, H2S. Minelaying Brest. Tour as NavLdr at Wombleton. Support raids: D-Day, Caen, Falaise.  Losses in Bomber Command; return to Canada (Apr 45), assigned to Tiger Force.


Malloy, Dennis G. G/C DFC, CD 1:20 Enlisted day war was declared. Previous flying experience as a civilian. Grad of JATP, CFS, then assigned as instructor #2 SFTS, Uplands. Posted to UK 1942, took over 402 Sqn: shot down over Channel, rescued by launch. Returned to Canada as instructor BCATP (CFI Kingston). BCOMD Borden at end of war. Post war jet flying, Vampire and Sabre compared. Leapfrog #4 described in detail. Service with the AirDiv in Europe, Sabre MK 4, 5, 6. Return to Canada; NORAD; CO RCAF Stn Goose Bay.
McIntyre, Donald P. S/L DFC, AFC, DFC(US) 1:23 BCATP (1941); multi-engines on Ansons (Moncton); UK, OTU on Whitleys, coursemate with Reg Lane. Assigned 35 sqn one of four sqn to make up Pathfinder Force (PFF). Active ops to Cologne, Essen, Berlin, daylight raid on Brest. Halifax's (11) flown on low level attack on Tirpitz, in Norwegian fjord from Kinloss, Scotland. Forced landing on lake, escape into Sweden, repatriation. Return to ops with Lib Sqn Middle East raids on North Africa, Med and Italy. Canada as CFI Lib OTU, at Abbottsford, BC. Retired at end of war.
Morrison, Donald R. F/L DFC, DFM 1:15 BCATP (1941), excellent description of trg, supported by numerous photos. UK OUT for trg on Miles Masters, Spitfires. Comparison flying in UK and Canada. RAF Sqn, then 401 RCAF at Biggin Hill. Intro to Sqn and personalities. Ops over the continent 1942; breakout of Scharnhorst and Gneisenau through the Channel. Replacement of Spit 5s with 9s. Cdn leadership of 401 Sqn: Keith Hodson, Jeep Neal. Escort duties on raids with Fortresses, Blenheims, Liberators. Comparison Spit 9s vs FW 190s.
Morrison, Donald R. F/L DFC, DFM 1:12 Air Cover for Dieppe Raid; view of proceedings following ditching in Channel.  Return to ops, bomber escorts, rhubarbs, circuses and patrols. Nov 42, shot down while escorting raid on Lille. Severely wounded; treatment by German medics prior to transfer to Dulag Luft, then Stalag Luft 3, Sagan. Life as a POW; activities associated with "The Great Escape". Repat in Oct 43 of only POW exchange conducted in WW II. Debriefed in UK; to Canada as instructor BCATP (Oshawa), Trenton CFS. Postwar activities: RCAF POW Assn, FPA, Nat'l Council Vets.
Vincent, William H. MGen CMM, CD 1:20 Following BCATP trg spent three years in UK and continent flying night fighters. Beaufighters and Mosquitos with 409 & 410 Sqn. Ranger and Intruder operations described in detail in addition to opposing force. Post war flying on CF-100s and tour as CO Weapons Proving Unit, CFB Cold Lake. Various staff positions within ADC. CO 409 Sqn Comox; CF 101 OTU; BCOMD at CFB Cold Lake, 500 hours on CF 104s. Air Attache CDLS London, COS ADC, CO ADC than CO Air Defense Group.


Dunlop, Gordon P. G/C AFC 1:05 Enrolled 1931 as PPO, program cancelled next year. Joined in 1936 and qualified as pilot. Assigned Army Co-op Sqn at Trenton. Set up FIS Borden 1939, later to become nucleus CFS Trenton with rapid expansion of BCATP. Extensive experience as instructor on all a/c held on inventory at that time. CO #3 SFTS Calgary, then CO Stn. Posted to UK 1943 as CO RAF Stn Gransden Lodge; 405 RCAF Sqn. under W/S Johnnie Fauquier at Gransden Lodge at that time. Post war as CO RCAF Stn Trenton during Memorial Gate dedication and key presentation to HRH.
KB 726-Mynarski Lanc     1:38 Separate interviews with plt (Art DeBreyne), wireless opr (Jim Kelly) and a/g (Pat Brophy).  All were crewmembers #419 Sqn Lanc shot down over France on night of June 12, 1944. In an attempt to free the trapped rear gunner PO Andy Mynarski lost his own life. In recognition of this most conspicuous bravery he was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross. Trg received by each, before going overseas is described. Events as they occurred in the memory of each is presented, and their individual efforts at evading until liberated by Allies.
Timmerman, Nelles W. A/C DSO, DFC, CD 1:30 Joined RAF in 1936, trained as a bomber pilot. Flew on ops with RAF Sqns from outbreak of war, until chosen to be CO of #408 (Goose) Sqn. in 1941. Describes ops (night raids into Germany, gardening). Hampden bomber and its characteristics covered in derail. Involved in selection of Sqn. crest and motto. To Canada as CFI (Penfield Ridge) on Venturas. Return to UK (1943) in various flying and staff positions until end of war. Member RCAF War Crimes Court; Post-war NWAC; NDHQ (Director Air Intelligence); NATO (France); CO CFB Chatham; NORAD.
Lardie, James C. S/L   0:40 Rev. Fr. Lardie was assigned as a Roman Catholic padre at Middleton St. George during the period Jun 44 to Jun 55.  His unique perspective gives insights into the young airmen who flew from that station, particularly #419 (Moose) and #428 (Ghost) Sqn. His duties included providing spiritual help to these men and writing to the family members of those lost on operations. He recalls his personal thoughts evolving from an opportunity to accompany aircraft crews on two raids (Falaise and Kiel). His participation in Sqn reunions, held during the past decade are also presented.
Edwards, James F. W/C DFC, DFM, CD 1:30 BCATP training; fighter OTU UK. Hurricanes ferried to the Middle East across Equatorial Africa. Assigned to RAF Sqn flying the Kittyhawk. Fighter ops in the desert from the retreat at Tobruk to the offensive from El Alamein and final victory in Tunisia. Life in the desert with insights into the strong leadership qualities on both sides. Description of LGs (Landing Grounds) and the fluidity of the air war. Comparison of aircraft (Hurricanes, Kittyhawks, ME 109s) and effectiveness in carrying out assigned roles.

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