#407 Cairn Dedication     0:45 Videotaped coverage of the Dedication of Cairn Ceremony at the Airpark at the RCAF Memorial Museum. Beginning with the March-on of the Colors, Squadron members, and their guests, the ceremony was conducted by Padre Sid Horne. Col. George White introduces speakers A. D. Ross and S/L Cam Taylor, DFC and Bar. LCol. Barry Reaume, CO #407 Sqn. presented an address and wreaths laid by the RAF, RNAF, and the RCAF MM. The Last Post and the Lament, followed by Reveille and a reading of Magee's "High Flight", concludes the ceremony.
Roulet, Catherine F/L   1:47 Joined WAAF in 1941. Brief description of early years of the war from the position of non-combatant. Following initial training assigned as a clerk (special duties). Describes her work as a plotter at RAF Stn. Preston. Commissioned on completion of OCS and assigned as an Adm Officer responsible for various trades of women at RAF Stn. Harwell. Attended code and cypher course at Oxford and assigned these duties. Served at Clee Hill, a Nav "G" station as only WAAF Officer. V1s and V2s, VE-Day celebrations, married Canadian serviceman.
Ward, Agnes LAC   1:14 Joined RCAF (WD) in May 42. Basic training at Rockcliffe. Posted to #5 SFTS at Brantford; sang with band; auditioned for entertainment unit, W-Debs. Posted to #4 B&G Fingal, Ont., then overseas on Empress of Scotland to UK. Served at RCAFHQ at Lincoln-Inns-Field assigned to the PR unit. Social life in London prior to and following D-Day described. A member of group of Canadian airwomen who paraded at Buckingham Palace at end of war. Recipient of Centennial Medal; to Ghana to observe completion of Trg Command Lamp of Learning Project.
Hale, E.A. "Ed" AC DFC(US), CD 1:42 Pilot license in 1936. Imperial Airways pre-war. Enrolled with commission and employed as instructor at EFTS, SFTS. TO  #116 (BR), CO #161 Sqn involved in anti-sub work East Coast. Good description of this activity, Canso a/c, modifications, armament. Incident 25 Sep 43. CO #412 at end of war. CO #1 (FW) N'Luff in 1951. Life in the Air Div operationally and domestically. GCA, VIP visits, integration with civilian sector. To Korea in Mar 52 "to assess tactics and report". Flew 36 missions in 34 days. Awarded DFC (US);DArmaments; NDC; NATO.
Ockenden, G.F. "Gord" MGen DFC, CD 1:10 Enrolled age 18, trained as fighter pilot; Hurricane OTU prior to #127 Sqn on east coast. Jul 43 to UK as member of group of 6 squadrons. #144 (W) ops prior to D-Day. On continent on D+9 with #443 Sqn. In ops through France, Belgium. Leadership and fighting quality of enemy described. Return to UK at end of 1944. Post war involvement with fighter control in NORAD and Air Div. Appointed BComd of CFB Borden with integrated staff. As BGen. to Colorado Springs as Director. AW Control Badge awarded by USAF. Retired, 37 years, 1978. RCAFA.
Yeager, T.R. "Ted" CWO MMM, CD 1:28 Enrolled 21 Apr 39, to Trenton as AC2 Group 2. Atlas, Wapiti, Norsemans a/c. Royal visit at Niagara Falls. #110 Army Cooperation Sqn., Lysanders. To UK, Duchess of Bedford, Feb 40. UK during the Phoney War. #400 Sqn., Tomahawk a/c. Odiham, Battle of Britain. #409 Beaufighters, #430 Mustangs. D-Day preparations, 126 (W), as EO with no formal course. D+10, action in vicinity of beachhead, Beny-Sur-Mer, Caen; Wing Servicing Commando. Field conditions in Normandy, morale, under canvas. UK Aug 44; Canada Nov 44, EO at 6RD.
Burma Bomber Assoc.     3:45 Videotaped interviews with 14 attendees at the reunion.  Over 7,500 RCAF personnel served in South East Asia; 454 remain in military cemeteries. Interviews conducted with: Lloyd Fife, Art Skirrow, Ray Wardell, Doug Alexander, Harry Bray, Ted Roe, Ben Hewson, Ken Stamp and Brian Scott, Jim Campbell, Peter Jones, John Hardy, Gill Green, Dave Campbell. Concluding material contains scenes from the National Aeronautical Museum and the wreath laying ceremony at the Cenotaph. Note: 2 tapes of equal length, rt: 3:45.
Allport, "Fred" S/L CD 0:43 Highlights film recorded by subject while serving at #2 (W) in the early 1950s. A/C of #434 (Bluenose) Sqn and extensive airfield activities including: towing, takeoffs, flypasts. Base activities including: parades, VIP visits, sports days, family activities. T-33s as used for IFR training, GCA. Pool installation and usage. Deployment to Rabat to conduct live firing exercises including: transit (Istres, Oran, Rabat); Maintenance of a/c (arming, refueling) and scoring procedures are described. R&R for personnel.
Hutchinson, Wildey, Hogg F/L's   0:53 Interviews during visit to museum by three former RCAF personnel who served together in #147 (BR) on the west coast BC. Hutchinson as pilot, trained under BCTAP, and also flew in SE Asia flying DC-3s. Wildey, an Australian, trained as a nav in Canada under the BCTAP. Later served in UK ops with Wellingtons, Stirlings, and Lancasters. Hogg, trained as a WAG under BCATP; followed #147 (BR) experience with posting to Northern Island where he flew in Coastal Command on Sunderlands with #437 Sqn. With #147 (BR) a/c flown was Bolingbroke.
Davis, R.S. "Tiny" S/L   1:07 Part 1: Came to Trenton Sep 35 as a "Royal Twenty Center". Description of Construction and living conditions. Enrolled as a guard (general duties) and trained under RSM John Dyte. Remustered into the newly formed Discip Trade. Involvement with the Station Band as Drum Major. Participation in Royal Tour of 1939, in Ottawa and Niagara Falls. Describes some of the personnel and activities at Trenton previous to the start of WWII, including F/L Hugh Campbell, the Siskin Flight and W/C "Black Mike" McEwen.
Davis, R.S. "Tiny" S/L   1:07 Part 2: Problems encountered with the rapid expansion of RCAF with the outbreak of WWII. Promotion to WO 1 and service at a number of training establishments (#1, #3 Wireless Schools). Commissioned and served at Trenton under G/C Tommy Lawrence. Overseas to serve with #126 (W) in Occupied Germany.  Decision to remain in RCAF after the war. Participation as Guard Officer in numerous ceremonial parades including the dedication of the BCTAP Gates at Trenton and visits to Canada by a number of dignitaries. Retired from Colorado Springs, Colo.
Lower, William M.    "Bill" F/L M.B.E., Peng 1:13 Responded to initial call for volunteers for radar training in April 1941. Attended course at U of T; commissioned as PO; Trenton OCS; Clinton for First Radar Officers course. To UK Jan 42, posted to North Africa as CO of #871 AMES, describes situation prior to El Alamein. To Malta in May 43 in preparation for Op Husky in Jul. Describes landing in Sicily and operations of #871. Assigned to U.S. forces (64 FW) and involved in landing at Salerno. Participated in landing at Anzio; describes precarious situation that resulted and strength of opposing force. Participated in Op Anvil; landing in Southern France. Unit received citation from C-in-C RAF, MED and Middle East. Repatriatiated, in Trenton for VE-Day. Map dedication at RCAF Memorial Museum at end of tape.
Lynch, James J. S/L CD 1:58 Enlisted Dec. 41, 16yr 10 months. BCATP grad, #20 EFTS, #20 SFTS. Posted as an instructor, served #4, #11, and #35 EFTS Jun 43 - May 44. Numerous stories relating to pilot training in EFTSs. Posted overseas in May 44, AFU on Masters, slated for low level recce on continent. Trained on Hurricanes and Spitfires; near serious accidents on both. Medical problems encountered with high altitude flying. Assigned to #430 as war ends in Europe. Took release Aug 45; returned to active duty in Jan 51. Initially employed as an instructor for a 5-year period at Centralia and Trenton. Flew numerous a/c while at Trenton. In 1956 posted to #426 (T) Sqn at Lachine as a Transport pilot; a tour that involved 14,000 hours over 15 years. Ends with earthquake relief in Chile.
Lynch, James J. "Jim" S/L CD 0:58 Continuation of interview above; 1956-61 flew North Star, Transatlantic in support of NATO. UN support to Egypt, Cyprus and The Congo. 1961-66 BFSO Trenton; involved in Intensive Flying Trials and Operational Flight Testing of CC-109 Yukon; Participated in rotation of Army Brigade to Germany. 1966-69 posted as pilot to #437 (T) Sqn, involved in development of Pilot Directed Approach System; numerous trips in support of NATO, Staff College and NDC. Transport of NATO forces to Bardafoss, Norway and development on DREM system. 1969-71 Trenton as SOPT and Command ICP. Trained on Boeing 707, 500 hours before retiring in 1971. Air Carrier Inspector Air Canada on L-1011; Chief of Aviation Inspector Training MOT.

Copies of the interviews in VHS format may be obtained through The Gift Shop at the Museum. 1-613- 965-2140 .
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