The "Ad Astra" Stone project, introduced in January 1996, has attracted an exceptional level of interest. The project, proposed and developed by retired Colonel "Cy" Yarnell, involves the installation of engraved stones along the walkways of the Air Park adjacent to the museum. More than 8000 people have made donations to the Museum via this program and, in turn, the Museum has installed stones for them in recognition. 

The gray granite stones  measure 6"x 10" and donations to the Ad Astra program may be made on behalf of any Canadian airman or airwoman who has served, or is serving, in one of Canada’s Air Forces or an Allied Air Force, their spouse or others whom the Board of Directors deem acceptable.

Bearing the words "Ad Astra" and adorned by an Air Force Roundel, the stone reflects the persons name, their hometown, province and the years of birth and death. Dates do not appear if the person is living when the stone is installed. The Museum will have the dates engraved when informed of the person’s passing. Information regarding service number, rank and decorations, does not appear on the stone but will be recorded in a Museum Register that also identifies the location of the stone in the Air Park. A preferred location for stones will be considered, but is not guaranteed. An annual  dedication service, with a Chaplain participating, is held at the Museum  to recognize all of the installed stones. 

The donation required for a stone in 2006 is $140. Upon receipt of the AD ASTRA" Stone application and payment, the RCAF Memorial Museum will issue a "charitable donation" income-tax  receipt to the donor.


 The next Stone Dedication service will take place in

 September 2007. Relatives, friends and the public are especially welcome!

Ad Astra Stone Application Form

If you are interested in purchasing and donating an Ad Astra stone, you can

print out your own forms now. Please Note: They are in Adobe PDF format. An Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view them. If you do not have one you can download it free from this link: (They may also be slow to load.)

Please print and mail BOTH PAGES and SIGN THE FORM ON PAGE 1. 

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To find a name on the Ad Astra Database Click on the 'AD ASTRA DB' link: