Middlemiss, Robert G. W/C DFC, CD 1:46 First in a series of 3 interviews. Joined Jul 1940, EFTS, St. Eugene, SFTS Summerside. Convoy top UK took 30 days. OTU; #145 Sqn on Spit 2s; #41 Sqn Tangmere, Spit 5s, involved in attempt to stop run up the Channel (Feb 42) of German battleships. Escort duties into France. To Malta, launched from HMS Eagle. Reception on arrival, good description of operations and living conditions on Malta during summer 1942. Air activity over Malta involving both German and Italian Air Forces. Unique vision capability demonstrated by Buzz Beurling. Illnesses due to "Malta Dog". 7 Jul 42 shot down while engaging JU-88s, wounded, rescued by ASR. Hospitalized, end of tour on operations, convalesced, repatriated to UK.
Middlemiss, Robert G. W/C DFC, CD 1:45 Second in a series of 3 interviews. Instructed at OTU on returning from Malta. #403 Spit 5s, flew #2 to W/C Johnnie Johnson. Deployed to field environment to prepare for D-Day. Quality of air leaders in Canadian Wing. Circuses, sweeps, B-17 escorts. To Canada in May 44 on completion of 3rd tour. Remained in RCAF after war. Attended Central Flying Establishment UK. Acquisition of Vampire a/c. CO #421; observer Leap Frog 1; participant Leap Frog 2; Grostequin for one year with Sabre a/c. CO of Overseas Ferry Unit; "best command I ever had!" OFU involved in ferrying MK 5s and MK 6s. Colorful characters and humorous incidents of OFU described. Subject retains diary of OFU in personal possession. Application for unit recognition denied.
Middlemiss, Robert G. W/C DFC, CD 1:45 Third in a series of 3 interviews. Involved in replacement for Sabre a/c. Describes initial flights in future CF-104 in Palmdale Calif., as well as other contenders being considered. Problems encountered with some of the systems required are presented. Appointed CO of first CF-104 Squadron, STU at Chatham and later at Cold Lake. Bombing techniques and simulated bombs discussed. Urgency of getting a/c to Europe by end of 1962. Transport of a/c by Hercules to Air Div in 3 pieces. Problems encountered flying in Europe at high speeds and low level, particularly at night. Accidents on Bristol Freighter ends period of command. On recovery returns as instructor on 104. Involvement in CFPA; cairn dedication at RCAF Memorial Museum Jul 1999.
Yarnell, Cy Col   1:44 BCATP grad; #5 ITS, EFTS St. Eugene; SFTS Aylmer; commissioned, posted as an instructor to SFTS Aylmer. Posted overseas 1942, AFU; posted to North Africa to #601 (RAF). Spit 5s, then 7s and 8s. Sicilian and Italian campaigns primarily to the Adriatic coast. Conduct of air battle and living conditions encountered. Tour expired in Fall 1944, Fighter Leader's Course UK; joins #127(W) in Belgium; spit 9s. With #403 Sqn until surrendered in May 45. Rejoined RCAF May 1946; employed in Air Defence Command, Mont Apica, Parent, Air Div. Attache to Czechoslovakia. Originator and prime mover of Ad Astra Stone Program.
Reeves, Richard L. F/L   1:27 BCATP, EFTS Portage La Prairie; SFTS BRANDON, Cranes. #52 OUT, Spitfires posted to #129 (Mysore) Sqn. Ramrods, Rangers and Rhubarbs 1942. Attack on lighthouse in support of landing at Dieppe. Leader lost, a/c badly damaged but returned safely. Completed tour, posted to Comm. Sqn. Joined #403 in Apr 44 at Tangmere. Shipping patrols over beachhead on D-day. Bailout into Channel on 15 Jun 44. Recalls activities on continent from B-2 (Bazenville) to Eindhoven in Jan 45. In air on recce when Op Bodenplatte occurred on 01 Jan 45. Gunshot wound ended flying on ops Jan 45. Returned to Dieppe for 45th anniversary as part of DVA official party. Active in Hurricane/Spitfire acquisitions for RCAF Memorial Museum.
McIntosh, Wes J. S/L MID 1:40 Licensed commercial pilot in 1935; member of Naval Reserve on active duty in Halifax in Sep 39. Transferred to RCAF employed as an instructor at SFTS and EFTS; Flew Boston a/c on southern route to Gibraltar in 1943. Posted #12 Comm Sqn, Daks, North Stars, Lodestar. Posted #165 Sqn on Northwest Staging Route. Posted #168 Sqn at Rockcliffe, Liberators, Flying Fortresses. Many long range trips to various locations. Involved in mail flights to North Africa and Middle East. Operated out of Gibraltar with 3 DC-3s, promoted S/L. Mar 45 flew Liberator to Iceland and back, then to Rabat. Flew POWs from continent at the end of war. Extensive post war civilian transport flying; ICP with DOT prior to retirement.
McKay, E. J. F/L   1:52 Enlisted on 18th birthday 1941.  ITS Belleville, EFTS Ancienne Lorette (Fleet Finch): SFTS St. Huberts (Harvard).  Wings presented by AVM Billy Bishop. To UK Aug 41 Hurricane OUT, posted to #193 RAF, Hurricanes, re-equipped with Typhoons.  One week famil onboard HMS Goathland includes enemy engagement.  Posted #412 (Spitfires) for brief period, then reassigned to #639 and # 667 (RAf, Hawker Henleys, Defiants) prior to D-Day.  Aug 44 to Rendal for Spit refresher, assigned to #438 (RCAF, Typhoon in carrying out its assigned role.
McKay, E. J. F/L   0:59 Part 2, excellent description of air war as conducted by #438 Sqdn as part of #143 Wing, #2TAF, as it moved from the beaches of Normandy into NW Europe.  The role of the fighter-bomber in close ground support; pilot attrition, involvement in the Battle of the Bulge Dec 44. Observations on Op Bodenplatte, the 01 Jan 45 surprise air attack launched by the Luftwaffe.  Problems encountered with debris during low level ops: crash landing on return from op: attacks on V-1 sites, danger of being mistaken for e/a.  Completed tour with 100 ops.  Excellent description of the Memorial Cairn constructed at Villers Bocage to honor the contribution of Typhoon pilots in Normandy.
Baggs, W. M. F/L   1:28 Joined 1942, ITS at Belleville; EFTS Oshawa, SFTS Dunnville. Hurricanes at #1 (F) OUT. UK for #61 OUT (Spitfires). Course on dive bombing and RPs followed by posting to #164 (RAF) Sqdn. as lone Canadian. Squadron equipped with Typhoon, first flight Mar 44.  Description of handling characteristics of a/c. Sqdn to Normandy Jul 44. Close ground support and role in preventing German armour reaching the front.  High loss rate from 40 mm cannon and 88mm guns.  Support to Canadian Army on Walcheren Island in Nov 44.  Participation in OP VARSITY Mar 44.  FCO with 4th Bgde, accepted surrender of German battleship May 45.  Flypast to impress Russians in Jun 45, over 3,000 a/c.
Lambros, T. H. "Danny" F/L   1:43 Enlisted Jun 40, third BCATP course.  EFTS London, #31 SFTS Kingston.  CFS Trenton for instructional duties before postings to Summerside, PEI, and SFTS Borden. Survived mid-air collision. Posted overseas trained at #41 OUT (FR) on Mustangs prior to joining #239 (RAF) Sqdn. Posted to #430 (RCAF) in fall 1943.  Move to Continent B-8 29 Jun 44.  Excellent description of PR role carried ou by #430, in particular spotting of enemy armoured regt moving to coastal area on 2, 4 Aug 44. Recce in support of crossing Seine. Assigned to 15th Scottish Reg. as Ground Forward Control pilot. Same funtion with Agincourt Regt.  Time expired Nov 44, repat to Canada Mar. 45.
Williams, Gaynor P. F/L   1:16 Trained as an Observer in second BCATP class.  Trained at Malton, Jarvis Ont. and Rivers Man. on Mk. 1 Ansons.  Posted to UK, OUT Usbridge prior to "flying boats" (Stranraers, Catalinas), #240 (RAF) operating out of Loch Erne, N.I.R. Convoy patrols, searches, hardships of navigating in North Atlantic.  Shadowed Bismarck for six hours, enabling RN forces engaged in search to intercept.  To murmansk for deployment: India for numerous flying duties including tour as nav for Lord Mountbatten's a/c.  Encountered numerous VIPs in this role (Sommerville, Wingate).  Haxards of flying in SEAC, particularly during monsoon season.  Repat to Canada in Sep 44, discharged on VE Day.

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