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The eight-acre Air Park will be doubled in size in 2006 ensuring adequate space for the additional aircraft which are being added to the collection, as well as the many Memorial Cairns and Ad Astra Stones.

Photographs of the aircraft now displayed, together with details and specifications, can be found by following  the links at the end of this paragraph. If you are unfamiliar with the terminology please take a quick look at the list of abbreviations.
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List of Abbreviations

ASW                         Anti-Submarine Warfare
BCATP                     British Commonwealth Air Training Plan
CF                             Canadian Forces
DESIGNATION      Descriptive number
ECM                         Electronic Counter-Measures
EW                            Electronic Warfare
MODEL #                Manufacturer’s Aircraft  Model Number
NATO                       North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NO                            Number (total) of Aircraft type in service
OTU                          Operational Training Unit
RAF                          Royal Air Force
CA                            Canadian Army
RCA Ops                 Royal Canadian Air Cadet Operations
RCAF                       Royal Canadian Air Force
RCN                         Royal Canadian Navy
SAR                          Search And Rescue
SQN                          Squadron
SOS                          Struck Off Strength
TOS                          Taken On Strength

The RCAF Memorial Museum wishes to acknowledge the valuable contribution of LCol T.F.J. Leversedge CF in providing the data for some of the aircraft pages.


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