CF104D 2seat trainer.

CF-104 Starfighters from 6 Strike/Reconnaissance OTU Cold Lake enroute to the bombing range in 1963. Note the Mark 106 practice bombs used to simulate the delivery of a  nuclear weapon.

Late in 1959, Canadair was selected to produce 200 strike, reconnaissance versions of The Lockheed designed F-104 Starfighter, designated as the CF-104, to replace the F-86 Sabres being flown by the RCAF in NATO. The CF104D was a two-seater used for pilot training.The aircraft was known by a wide variety of nicknames some flattering and some not so flattering (i.e. the "missile with a man in it" referred to the design, while "flying lawn dart and widow-maker" referred to the high number of crashes the type suffered in the early years). 

The CF-104s had  a number of specialized equipment and changes for the Canadian role. The aircraft was capable of the nuclear strike role and reconnaissance packs could be carried in a special pod under the fuselage. Originally, the standard M-61 gun pod was replaced by a 120 US gallon (455 litre) fuel tank. Later in its CF career, the aircraft was returned to a conventional strike role and the 20mm cannon was re-installed. The CF-104 was replaced in service by the CF-18 Hornet.

Canadair license-built version of Lockheed design
Designation: CF-104 A/D 
Model No: F-104G / CL-90 
Marks: Mk I (A) , Mk II (Dual)
Role: Fighter/ Strike / Photo-Reconnaisance
TOS: 1961 SOS: 1984 No: 200
Service: RCAF, CF

Crew / Passengers:
Depending on the model, one or two pilots in ejection seats
Powerplant: one General Electric (Orenda) J-79-OEL-7 turbojet with afterburning (10,000 lbst to 15,800 lbst in afterburner)
Performance: Max Speed: Mach 2.2, 1,450 mph (2,334 km/h) Cruising Speed: Mach 1.2, 915 mph
Service Ceiling: 58,000 ft (17,660 m) Range: 2,180 miles (3,510 km)
Weights: Empty: 14,082 lb ( 6,387 kg) Gross: 28,779 lbs (13,510 kg)
Dimensions: Span: 21 ft 11 in (6.68 m) w/o tip tanks Length: 54 ft 9 in (16.69 m)
Height: 13 ft 6 in (4.11 m) Wing area: 196 sq ft ( 18.21 sq m)
Armament: Provision for one 20 mm M61A-1 cannon, plus bombs, rockets, or tanks on under-wing or fuselage pylons
Original Cost: $1,200,000 single, $1,400,000 dual

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