The History and the Aircraft of the Air Forces of Canada -
  from 1914 to today

 The Aircraft - 1918 to 1939 - Part 3:   

On November 19th 1938, the RCAF became a separate arm reporting directly to the Minister of National Defence. The first Chief of the Air Staff, appointed on the 15th of December 1938 was Air Vice Marshall G.M. Cril. The RCAF had two Air Commands, Eastern and Western which were to co-operate with the Army and the Navy in the defence of Canada's coastline.

This page shows the last of the approximately sixty types of  aircraft  that were brought on strength during that period.

            Boeing247                               Stearman 75               Hawker Hart      
         Hawker Tomtit              

   Hawker Audax          Hawker Hind           Bellanca Pacemaker   DH 80A Puss Moth                
                                          Canada Aviation Museum                              

Curtiss Seamew          NA 26 Harvard         Blackburn Shark           Waco AQC6   

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