The History and the Aircraft of the Air Forces of Canada -  from 1914 to today.

The Aircraft - 1918 to 1939 - Part 2:  

AM C.R. "Larry" Dunlap, CBE,CD, began his flying career in 1928 operating Vedettes and Vancouver flying boats. During WW II he commanded #331 Wing (420,424,425 Sqdns) as part of the West African Strategic Air Force. Post war he served in NORAD, SHAPE and was the seventh and final Chief of the Air Staff, prior to integration.

Vickers Vista               Vickers Viking            DH 60 Gypsy Moth
                                                                                                Canada Aviation Museum

     Pitcairn Mailwing        Vickers Varuna          Keystone Puffer         Avro 504N Lynx    DH 75A Hawk Moth




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